Giving you a fair view of your home


It was great meeting you, as well! Thanks so much for all of your help yesterday – you did a tremendous job!

Kevin 2/26/10

Thanks again I really appreciate the time and thoroughness in which you performed the inspection. As soon as we find out about the water we will make contact, thanks again truly appreciated.

Greg 2/22/10

It was good meeting you. Thank you very much for the home inspection and the report. I appreciated being able to follow you through the property and having your skilled eye have a second look at the property. I now feel much more comfortable with the property and my decision.

Thank you,

Chris 12/13/09

Thanks for that Judy! Gerard was pretty impressed with you attention to detail. Thanks again and you have a good weekend as well!

Dave Marinelli 12/12/09

Thank you very much for your report – it’s obvious you put a lot of work into it. I’m sure your report will make purchasing this house more enjoyable.

It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I look forward to running into you around the neighborhood!


David Ely 11/20/09

Thanks for the thorough inspection and report. Once again I am very pleased with the quality of your work.


Chris Bloch 3/14/09

Thanks again for a GREAT home inspection. It was exactly what Anna & Peter needed in order to make their decision about whether or not they want to continue with this transaction. They have decided that as first time buyers, this house is a little more than they are comfortable taking on. They love the house, but need to start with less of a challenge. Your inspection helped make that decision much easier for them, with no doubt or confusion. That’s the purpose of a good home inspection: to help our clients make good decisions!

So, we’ll be calling you for the next one, because who doesn’t like a 10% discount? J

Talk to you soon,

Linda Cork, Realtor® Taylor Properties 2/27/09

Thank you Judy. Great service and job. Very impressed with quick response. I did put positive review for you on Google. Hopefully, that should help you.


Ravi Kapoor 5/27/11

Nice report! I love the new program…the pics inside the report is awesome!!!!


Trish Kapinos 6/14/11


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