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Mold, Odor and Allergen Testing

Northern Virginia Mold and Odor Testing and Sampling

Mold/Odor Investigation and Testing

Indoor Environmental Concepts provides a range of services related to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy and mold free home. We offer consultation, onsite investigation, clearance testing and onsite testing. At each inspection we encourage clients to walk with us during the investigation. We give systematic computerized reports that are emailed within 24 hours and include step by step recommendations or remediation plans. See our list of services below for detailed information.

Mold Consultation

We would be happy to chat about your mold issue. Please feel free to call or email us for advice or comments.

There is no charge for this service.

Mold  or Odor Investigation

Complete Survey: This survey includes a complete mold and water intrusion investigation of the entire house. A computer generated check list style report is emailed after the survey. Observations, recommendations or mold remediation plan with a conclusion are given within 24 hours. The inspection typically lasts 3 hours.

Specific Survey: This survey is an investigation of one or two specific areas of concern and surrounding area. A computerized report with observations, recommendations and conclusion is emailed within 24 hours.

This inspection typically lasts one to two hours.

Clearance Testing: This is a brief visual exam and written report with emailed pictures to show that no mold is present. Air sampling can be performed along with the clearance testing as additional evidence mold is not present. This type of inspection lasts 30 to 45 minutes.


Specific Mold Survey $245 for Condo $295 for Townhouse $345 for Single Family Complete Mold Survey $445 Add complete Mold Survey to Home Inspection $195 to $245 written report only $135

Clearance Testing $245 Clearance Testing with air samples $465 * additional fees may apply if home is over 4000 square feet or if additional travel is incurred

Mold Testing

Testing is performed upon request. A swab test is taken when there is visible mold present. There will be 1 square inch of mold sampled. The sample will be sent over night to an EPA approved lab. The testing results that are emailed from the lab will identify the mold type present in 1 square inch. Results are available in 4 days. Expedited service is available.

An air test must have two samples taken. One is for control purposes so that the lab can compare samples.

The samples will be mailed over night to an EPA approved lab. The testing results that are emailed from the lab will identify the type of mold and how many mold spores are growing in a 160 liter area. Results are available within 4 days. Expedited service is available.

A one hour appointment time is recommended with swab or air mold testing.


First mold sample with no survey: $245 (includes written report) Subsequent mold samples or sample with survey: $110

Allergen Testing

Testing can be done for cockroach, dust mites, mouse, rat, cat dander, dog dander. Testing for all of this is called combination sampling. A sample will be collected using an air pump and will be sent over-night to an EPA approved lab. The appointment will last at least 30 minutes. Results will be available within 4 days. Expedite available.


Combination allergen sampling w/ no survey or home inspection $325

1st allergen sample w/o survey or home inspection $195

1st allergen sample w/ survey or home inspection $150 each allergen Combination sampling with home inspection or sampling $275