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What Should I Look for in a Home Inspector?

Buying a house may be the most rewarding thing we do in our lives. But, with so many papers to sign and steps to follow we can get lost by the time the contract is ratified and it’s time for the home inspection. There is a lot of information to know and decisions to be made. This column will be dedicated to informing you about your choices and what to expect in a home inspector and inspections.

One choice you will have to make is what type of background you want your inspector to have. Do you want someone who knows a lot about framing and structure or do you want a generalist who knows a little about each system. Also what kind of education do you want your inspector to have? Some home inspectors will tout years of experience as an independent contractor,

possibly as a plumber or electrician. The inspector may have experience within a specific system or have a working knowledge of all systems and components in the home. Knowledge of all systems is sometimes achieved by receiving a thorough education by a certified training facility. Some of the schools local to Virginia are; Inspection Training Associates, Training Learning Certification, Inc. and Building specs Inc. All of these educational facilities teach each inspector how to inspect all components of the home to include the Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Roof and Structure of the home.

So when you are looking for a home inspector, decide what aspects of your new home concern or interest you and ask the inspector what experience they have and what kind of training they have received. If you don’t, you may not be getting picture that you want.

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